Since I envision this blog mostly being a place to document knitting projects as I design them, and maybe to talk about some of my other interests (including square dancing and rock climbing), it of course makes perfect sense for the first post to be about none of these things.

I take the train to work. As the seasons change, I’m either riding well before sunrise or in full light. At one of the stops, flocks of crows congregate. I have no idea why they hang out there, but it’s interesting to watch them at different ‘times’ of day. In the summer, when it’s light, they flock and swarm, flying in groups, landing on trees and the parking garage, circling the whole area. When it’s dark out, all that’s to be seen of them is hundreds silhouetted, crow-shaped blobs in the leafless trees, standing out against the orange lights from the parking garage.

I have no idea if any of the other train riders look out the window at this stop and watch them, but I enjoy a break from my knitting, reading, phone, whatever to watch this progression on the crows.


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