Farm Share: week 1

pickled radishes

We’re doing a farm share! In an effort to add motivation to actually using the stuff we get, here’s a weekly rundown.

The haul:

  • Asparagus
  • Radishes
  • Baby fennel (the vegetable, not the herb)
  • Egyptian walking onions
  • Red scallions
  • Lettuce
  • Kale

The plan:

  • Steamed asparagus – largely a vehicle for butter
  • Thai meatballs – used some of the scallions
  • Pickled radishes – with, unsurprisingly, the radishes
  • Fennel turkey stir-fry – fennel, walking onion, and ground turkey stir-fried, inspired by this
  • Salad – Lettuce with some scallions and dressing based on the brine from the radishes
  • Something with kale – eggs, sauteed with garlic, chips, something


    • It was good! Ended up not being like the recipe much at all – mostly just everything thrown together, with an egg for good measure.

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